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, 11 2021


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GILD ENGENEERING & Co offers to you highly effective solutions for protection, reinforcement and construction of gabion facilities, protective nets which are applied as effective protections /barriers/ against natural disasters, properties or engineering activities and are also used for: reinforcement of river beds, dams, dikes, railway facilities, supporting walls, collapsing roads, protection of bridges from erosion, settlements, rock falls, reinforcement of the soils and the terrains, landslides, avalanches and many other natural acquired or existing properties, as in fact the facilities not only guarantee great reliability, effectiveness and low prime cost but also additionally decorate the natural landscape.

The protective meshworks are used for partition of military harbours and their protection against torpedos, mines and submarines, where they have proven their indisputable qualities of robustness and durability to the atmospheric conditions.

Such facilities that decrease the financial losses from the elemental disasters, prevent the premature urgent construction-engineering activities and decrease the capital expenses for the construction and the reinforcement of the separate construction sites.

The facilities that we order you are being used and installed at the moment by leading European companies, such as: EurorockS.p.A (Italy); E.I. MONTAGNE (France); SICMILANOS.r.l. (Italy) and not last the leader on an international scale in this branch INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING GROUP MACCAFERRILtd., which works all over the world and has offices in 72 countries:

Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine.

Our technology corresponds to the following international standarts :

ASTMA 975-97- EN 10 223-3 - EN 10244-2 and the Russian ГОСТ - Р 52132-2003.