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, 17 2021


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Services, activities and works that GILD ENGENEERING & Co Ltd. - Rousse performs are as follows:

  • Designing, performance and engineering maintenance of the projects and the stages of design and construction, including sketches, technical and financial assessments;
  • Performance of designed facilities from gabions construcitons;
  • Delivery of all types of nets and supporting elements to them;
  • Participation in state tenders for designing and construction under the Law on Public contracts, as well as in case of rise of force majeure circumstances, connected to natural disasters;
  • Technical assistance of construction sites of specific type;
  • Consultations connected to specialization of the methods for different type of supporting activities and specific objects;
  • Organization of seminars in order for the new tendencies, connected to the technology of our work in the field of any type gabions constructions, to be presented in a better way.
  • Hydro construction
  • Hydro and heat insulation
  • Engineering solutions for reinforcement of landslides and rock falls
  • Water drains and drainage
  • Construction-repair activity

The company GILD-Co declares that it possesses the necessary professional personnel for performance and designing of all objects connected to the themes and the engineering of the stated above as well as it is ready for preliminary enquiries, meetings, organization of presentation, seminars and dialogues regarding the manufacturing, the delivery and the installation of the offered by us protective facilities, as for that purpose please use the following telephones, fax, е-mail addresses of our company :

7000 ROUSSE,No. 33” Tsarkovna Nezavisimost” str., fl.2, apt.5
tel. 082/ 809 666; 809 665; fax: 082/ 809 667;
GSM: 087 96 105 89; 087 69 120 05; 087 96 105 01
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
www. gild-co.com
We are looking forward to a future beneficial cooperation and work in the field of the offered by us reinforcement activities and we believe in the expedience and the effectiveness of our work.
The ecological conformity of the finished objects makes us think that namely this form and method of work is the future in the field of the reinforcement facilities.