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, 07 2021


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The КМат range is complete and robust system of anti-erosion geogrids, which can be manufactured with different thickness and structure. For specific applications they can be made in combination with different fixing elements, filters and reinforcement materials.

КМат immediately protects the bare soil against erosion. When the root system grows and develops it additionally keeps КМат to the soil, thus transforming the vegetation layer into „reinforced grass plot”. КМат protects from erosion the dry parts of the dikes at canals and ditches from surface water, and the damp parts of the dikes, from erosion caused by the flowing water.

КМат drasticly decreases the frequency of maintenance and the necessary re-shaping of the swaths at canals and ditches through increase of their stability. If it is installed in combination with supporting geogrids, it provides additional resistance and thus it is a very good solution for recultivation of waste depos.