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, 17 2021


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Nowadays, the dynamically developing construction industry puts newer and newer demands to the construction materials and technologies.We present to you the new solutions for fortifying of reinforcement and land constructions – the system MACKWALL.The system MACKWALL is a combined reinforced construction that consists of facial coated concrete blocks and also consists of geosynthetic layer that serves as reinforcement of the land layer.
The blocks of the system MACKWALL are made of highly-robust concrete with openings for connecting braces and weigh 40,5 kg /block.
The facilities that are constructed with the MACKWALL system may reach up to 15 or more meters of height. Furthermore, rarely, the system may play a supporting structure, withstanding the earth mass with the weight of the conrete blocks.
The advantages of the MACKWALL system are three :
1. Attractive and stylish appearance
· Various colour gamma;
· Big similarity of the facial parts with the natural rocks;
2. Many designing options
· Unique configurations;
· Curved lines in the construcion are very easily made;
3. Little own weight
· The construction is quickly made;
· Possibility for making of constructions in little closed premises;
· No elevating technics are necessary;
· The system of connection allows the anchoring of the walls using various mechanisms;
Technical characteristics :
MACKWALL system blocks: standard ASTMC – 1372
200х450х300 mm
Concrete density
2200 kg/m3
Average weight of the construction
40,5 kg
Average density of the stones
1650 kg/m3
М 200
F 100
Facial surface
Type of facing
Various colour gamma
Standards – ASTM D – 4476, ASTM D – 4475
The MACKWALL system is not a complicated construction. After the standard preparation procedures / cleaning of the terrain from trees, bushes, and also its levelling/ special attention shall be paid to the creation of the first level of The MACKWALL system – it is extremely important for the durability and the aesthetic appearance of the next levels. The first row of the MACKWALL system is put over a preparatory layer of concrete.
After the putting of each row MACKWALL, special suspensory anchors shall be put in the openings of each block which shall allow the exact positioning of the upper row of blocks. After that all holes are filled with soil and a reverse mound is made. After the packing of the mound to the necessary density, the reinforcement layer from the geosynthetics shall be put on the row of blocks and the reverse mound, controlling the putting of the geogrid onto the suspensory anchors of the concrete blocks. After that the next row of blocks is put and so on until the last row where the „blocks – roofs” are put, which are without holes.