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, 07 2021


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FLEXIBILITY : The constructions are calculated in relation to the particular activities, that are capable of withstanding to all loadings without tearings. The gabion structures absorb any type of settling and landslides on the terrains without destruction of the facilities themselves. In the conditions of unstable terrains, and also in the zones of landslides, their strength and quality are very important.

STRENGTH : The net from which the constructions are made, has variable load of tearing which begins from 2000 ÷ 60 000 kg/sq.m. or m. linear, depending on the type of installation. Thanks to these constructions, the gabions may counteract to all types of loadings.

PERMEABILITY : The high permeability of our facilities and construcitons excludes the occurence of hydrostatic loadings. The drainage-ability and the durability make them perfect for protection of slopes against erosion, river beds, dams and many other objects by type.

DURABILITY : The effectiveness from the durability of the gabion constructions is not decreased, and is increased with years, because in the course of time occurs congestion /settling/ from the durability of the gabion constructions of the soil and rock alluvium in the gaps of the gabions and with the start of sprouting of the plants of their surface. Thus they transform into naturalcompany, construction-terrain volumetric blocks.

ECONOMY : The constructions are more economical than the already well known hard or semi-hard reinforced concrete constructions, as they have the following advantages: little losses during exploitation; minimal volume of work on preparation of the main facilities; the simplicity of the constructions does not require numerous qualified force during the installation; the construction of new drainage devices /systems/ is not necessary, because the gabion constructions are permeable; many of the cheaper and faster for application in each case, especially during natural disasters.

ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY : Thanks to this that the gabion construcitons allow and does not prevent the sprouting and the growth of great number of plants and trees, they merge with the surrounding scene of the environment and taken alone they present natural construction blocks which serve for decoration of the landscape.

The price of the different types and modifications of protective nets is determined depending on the diameter of the rings and the sections of the galvanized and the non-galvanized armoured wire as well as the quality of the fasten elements connected to the project which is preliminarily prepared.

We work on preliminarily prepared projects, sketches and inspections at place. The specificity of each one object requires detailed analysis of the transitory position in which the „particular working site” is located and therefore the company does not undertake with the determination of the value of whatever facility „approximately”.