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The engineering experience of the company in designing and production of the gabion and other fortifying constructions originates from Italia in the distant 1893. Since then till now the activity is on the basis of the principles: high quality, durability /robustness/ and ecological safety.

We are specialized in the development of effective solutions connected to nature-protection activities, concerning the protection of the soil layers against erosion as the surrounding scene of the environment is preserved and the effectiveness of durability of the facilities is secured.

ENGINEERING – ECOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS - they are divided into several types :

· Gravitation supporting walls :

The cell gabions are volumetric construtions which are prepared in factory conditions and are made of double twisted nets, filled with stones. They form flexible, permeable structures in the form of supporting walls and at the same time they merge with the natural environment and become a part of the natural landscape.

· Reinforcement of soil layers and fortifying of slopes :

In case of load the most of the soil layers are damaged, as their structure is disturbed. We have created reliable method for reinforcement and consolidation of such areas with special materials with increased strength and durability of the massive slopes.

· Hydrotechnical and bioengineering solutions. Control of erosion :
The effectiveness of the company in the field of the hydraulic and the anti-erosion works are checked during the experience of many years on all construction sites that are executed in all point of the world as we conform with every climatic zone and the complexities, resulting from the different conditions of work. The bioengineering solutions allow for deeper solution of the ecological tasks in each phase of the construction.

· Protection against rock falls /screes/:
One of the most reliable ways for fight against the screes and the rock falls in the mountain areas and the railroads is the use of special nets - double twisted, and also anti-scree panels.

· Reinforcement of automobile roads:
At present one of the most current tasks in the road construction is the removal of tracks and the appeared cracks on the roads. We offer a number of solutions, allowing achievement in the soluition of the described above problems and simultaneously the term of use of the roads to be increased as well as the expenditures for their exploitation to be decreased;

· Architecture and design :
The gabion technologies find bigger and bigger application in the field of the architectural solutions;

We strictly monitor the quality of the steel wire, which we use in the manufacturing of the constructions with different shape and purpose: from the Gabions to the systems Green Terramesh and Roadmesh;

In addition to the stated above, we will offer a wide spectrum of other solutions and geotechnical works, as geosynthetic materials geotextile /geogrids/, rolled biomats and macmats and this is only a part from the big list of alternative materials, which we can use and offer.

As a leading company in the delivery and the assembly of these facilities, we must be sure that our clients will receive professional assistance and maintenance by us.

Manufacturer of the components /types of nets, fasten elements etc./, for the protective facilities that we use is “Triada Plus” – Ukraine, a subsidiary company of MACCAFERRILtd, of which we are general representative for their production in Bulgaria and the Balkans.