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, 17 2021


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Additional fasten elements Print E-mail
Additional components for connection of the perforated geocell systems, necessary in some solutions:
- Braces – high strength polyethylene clasps, which can be used in a combination with anchor rods or separately for holding of ropes, necessary for the distribution of the load during reinforcement of swaths and canals.
- Ropes – different by type ropes depending on the particular application, which go through factory set openings in the walls, thus ensuring additional stability against gravitation and hydrodynamic forces, especially during lining of canals and reinforcement of swaths.
- Galvanized braces – make the connection between the separate sections and parts of sections.

- Anchor rods – ensure the durable and steady fixture of the system to the surface on which it is laid.

- Geotextile – serves as a separator between the material which is filling the cells and the foundation.